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Tips on How to Start a Content Marketing Business

mark O’Connell says hey guys over you’re doing great thanks mark Radley I’m sure you’ve heard I’m sure I’ve heard you mentioned that you sell content marketing services basically offering curated blog syndication if this is right could you give me a few tips for this I would like to build up some money by offering this service to SEO agencies so I have cash coming in and then I can reinvest back into a real lead gen business with the mastermind and other tools etc Thanks yes mark in fact the first thing I’m going to mention is that we have an entire course about exactly this it’s called curation mastery and it you know it’s a it’s an add-on service like part of part of all the SEO quotes that I give to any clients is content marketing it’s just part of it because it’s part of SEO now is content marketing and so curating is a way to curate content it’s a it’s a much more efficient way to generate content it’s usually much higher quality content than trying to use writers unless you have like your own staff writers that are skilled you know that are particularly knowledgeable about the topics that they’re writing the problem is that that’s very very expensive and so and it’s difficult to find writers about you know all especially when you’re doing client work that are knowledgeable about whatever the client’s industry is you know because you have to find multiple writers then because not what you know one writers not going to be knowledgeable about multiple topics for the most part and if they are they’re going to be really really expensive so it’s not really cost effective it’s hard to mark that up and make money but with curation all you need to do is train somebody out or or do it yourself which I certainly don’t recommend but you can as just learn how to find an identify good content on the web and then put it together you kind of you you combine resources you find locate resources and then combine them into curated posts that you can republish with injecting your own opinion or some some you know some additional content in some original content in with the curated sections or pieces of content and then you republish and as long as you’re accrediting or citing attributing the source of where you’ve you you’re pulling snippets of content from then that’s perfectly fine to do and in fact Google likes it and the thing is is you can find other you don’t have to be an expert in a particular topic to be able to identify content from experts you just have to know how to locate it and then put it together properly and so you can train a virtual assistant to do that and that’s what the curation mastery course is all about because my you know as part of my local SEO agency or my local marketing agency is I’ve got some curators on staff that essentially curate for my clients they curate blog posts published posts to my clients blogs which thence indicate to the IFTTT networks and it’s just part of the SEO you know service that I provide so depending on the client it can be anywhere between you know one post per week it’s some some clients are as little as one post every two weeks but that’s usually just for like someone like the real small mom-and-pop type contractors or service agencies but for a lot of my clients we post two or three times per week and so like I will pay my curators depending on what they’re curating for I pay my curators anywhere between I’d say ten to twenty dollars per post that they curate and then I charge my clients anywhere between thirty to forty dollars per post to curate so some clients are paying like four three posts per week it’s roughly you know five hundred dollars a month because it comes out to be about four hundred and eighty dollars and that’s part of an overall SEO plan so if I’m charging them like eight hundred dollars a month for SEO services then on the itemized invoice or at least on the itemized proposal that I originally sent them it shows content marketing services at three posts per week and forty dollars per post so it’s $120 a week and so you know four hundred eighty dollars out of that eight hundred dollars might be for content marketing and again I’m only paying between ten to twenty dollars per post to have it curated so it’s about a hundred percent it’s it’s anywhere between like a seventy to a hundred percent markup that I’m making on that and I’m not doing the work my VA czar my curators are and so that’s a great service to to provide because content marketing is in such demand right now and businesses need to be content marketing but they don’t have the time or the desire to do it themselves and so are they yes go ahead I drop the link at the top and I tagged marked on it but if he’s in if he’s in in the mastermind then he already gets that for the price of the membership yeah it’s included but he’s not and that’s what he’s trying to generate some revenue so okay cool so he’s tagged on and I sent them to the page where where we offer the curation mastery course very good thank you so but yeah Marga I mean it’s a great it’s a great service because it’s in high demand and you know again it’s something that you could train bas to do and all you need to do is manage it you you go out find the clients or the customers or or you know people that need the marketing the content marketing services and then make the proposal and then does it you know delegate the work to your VA s and just manage it once you train a couple VA is a curator a good curator can curate for pretty much any topic because all they need to know how to do is how to curate they don’t need to know how you know be an expert in any topic so you can train one or two or three however you know however big you want to grow your content marketing agency and and and basically you’re outsourcing all the work it’s it’s arbitrage you find the work you put the workers in place to do it and you charge a premium you a markup on what you’re paying out for labor and you just collect a difference all you got to do is manage it it’s very hands-off and that’s what I like about it when I first have a when I first send a new client to or have a new client that I’m doing content marketing services I get my curators to every time they publish a post to send me the link to the post so I can review it especially if it’s a new industry that they’re not familiar with so that I can review the post and usually I’ll I’ll review about I don’t know six days six to eight maybe even ten posts depending on how much added editing I need to suggest and I’ll look at the posts and I’ll just record a screencast video and say okay here’s what I would have done here’s how you could have improved this blah blah blah and we go through that process several times like I said it could be you know five six times usually on average but sometimes as many as ten times if I’m dealing with a new curator or if it’s a brand new topic whatever and then we really dial in uh the you know how how how I want them to curate the posts and then obviously make sure that the clients are happy with it too and then I let them go I turn them loose I don’t even review them after after that because everything just works out and I just collect money so it’s a great service to add into what you’re already doing and it’s something that’s hands off remember guys SEO is performance-based right you get paid for whether or not you can rank properties and you know that kind of thing content marketing is a is an action based service like you’re paying for the activity you yeah I mean you’re you’re getting paid for the activity it’s not a results-driven business it’s an activity driven business in other words you you’re basically because it’s something that needs to be done you’re getting paid for the activity of generating or publishing posts for that client but it doesn’t there’s obviously a cause and effect with if you’re doing it properly and you’re doing it for SEO purposes it should help you to rank as well but regardless content marketing especially when you tell them hey this is also going to be updating all your social media which you should be doing anyways right you say that to the client the customer hey you you you should be updating all your social media regularly and if you’re not use your blog to do it we’ll connect everything for you to where all you got to do is publish content to your blog and will automatically update all your social media channels upsell them on an IFTTT network obviously and then now you’ve got constant consistent updates going out across all their social media properties so hopefully that helps mark you

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