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How to Earn Money Online ( P250 to P500 )Answering Online Surveys – (NEW) Extra Income 2019

Hello homemates, in this video another extra income online it’s a survey site We’ve shared a lot of other survey sites already for those who don’t know, survey sites send surveys to us then we’ll answer it and after we answered it and we got qualified, there will be a payment in exchange as compensation The amount of compensation or pay depends on the length of survey if it’s just short, the pay is lower for example, 10, 15, or 20 minutes surveys pay for that is around 20 pesos to 40 pesos for longer survey the pay is a bit more like 30 minutes to 40 minutes survey the pay for that is from 50 to 70 pesos or even up to 100 pesos per survey Good thing here, most surveys here send surveys via email Survey sites work on cellphones and computers But sometimes, there are surveys that works only in computers last but not the least, what’s nice here, payout is not that long if you request a payout today, within 20 to 30 minutes, you’ll be able to get your payment via PayPal Let’s go to our computer so I can show you the website.

This is not full time just extra meaning, just for breaks or when it’s your out your income here will just be for extra to buy clothes, for commute, for Jollibee or McDo treats, things like that. Just extra income. The name of the website is Mobrog It’s been up quite long already but I will only share it just now If you want to register, in the pinned comment, or in the video description there’s the link for Mobrog or you can also Google it You will see the waiting surveys here These are waiting list of surveys Surveys that are available to you Here, you can see the current balance Redeem rewards, later I will show you how Invite your friends, they have an invite here Once you’re able to invite, only them will receive a bonus and the one who invited them will have no bonus Cancel membership, you can deactivate your account.

Let’s go to proof of payment that Mobrog is really paying Click on My Balance You will see the order PayPal 250 pesos Minimum payout here is 250 pesos August 21, Splendid Research Payments at Here in Mobrog, once you sign up, the email that you signed up is where they will send the surveys also, that email should be same with your PayPal Meaning, the email that you’ll register here is your PayPal email In one day, they sent me 3 surveys but it’s not always like that On their email, you will see how long the survey is Here, it’s 14 minutes, where you can earn 32 pesos Click on questionnaire if you want to take it If you don’t like, you can just skip it Another example I clicked This one’s for 26 minutes you will earn 62 pesos if you passed the qualification and you did not get disqualified and you finished the survey you’ll get 62 pesos for that If you click that, you’ll be directed to the survey read the reminders, then click on start this is a sample survey This survey has 2 parts first is the qualification next is the actual body of the survey In qualification, it checks those who are sending surveys are also people or company They can be restaurant owners and they want to know some things.

Those who are sending surveys has a target audience. Meaning, for example, they want males to answer their survey, if you’re female, then you’re disqualified. That’s the qualification. It’s not just gender, some are per age. For example, they require 20 and above to take survey, if you’re only 19 years old, you’ll be disqualified and you will not get points for that.

It can also be for 45 years old and above or maybe they’re looking for 60 years old and above. Those are what we call survey qualifications. Click that then let’s answer the surveys. We also have survey tips. On how to get qualified to surveys, check the card above, we have a video about that. Homemates, once the survey started loading, do not interrupt or refresh the page just wait for it to finish loading. If you close that, the survey will be taken from you. After three minutes, we got disqualified from taking the survey. First, maybe we are not qualified or second, we may have clicked something that they use to see if we’re reading the survey. Or maybe we are not consistent in our answers. If for example you answered that you want this place then just after two questions you picked a different answer, that means that we are not really comprehending the questions or we are just guessing the answers.

Our answers should be consistent. The answers we gave initially should be the same answer if they asked it again. It should be the truth and not just guess. They can also have tricky questions there. They can have something like “To check if you’re still reading these questions, choose letter B.” So you have A, B, and C. And you chose A because you’re just guessing. You’ll get disqualified. They’ll know you’re guessing the survey. So there are tricky questions there. Bad thing, they don’t have consolation. If you nget disqualified because you got tricked by that, you’ll get zero point and be disqualified. By the way, in survey sites like this, they have what we call a quota. So you see I clicked a survey and it says, “Sorry this survey has already been closed.” That means that it reached its quota.

In one survey that they send, it has a quota. For example, they only need 100 respondents, just 100 answers or it can be 500, or 50. Once that is reached, it’ll be closed and you can’t take that anymore. If they send you a survey you don’t have to instantly take it but the sooner you take it, the better. If you wait until after 2 days, the survey might have reached its quota already. So we were not able to qualify in any of the surveys here.

That’s okay. It’s their choice to choose age preferences or gender for their surveys. This one that you see “Click this link to see further survey opportunities, this is not in Mobrog these are to their affiliate survey sites. These are other survey sites. This 12 is just random if other survey site has surveys available for you. But it’s not just 12 pesos, it depends on the survey available. For example, 30 minutes, then that’ll be around 50 to 60 pesos. By the way, we have pre-recorded a video where we took a survey we got qualified and finished the survey. So you see, the survey is for 71 pesos. But if you’re not qualified, Mobrog automatically finds other surveys you may qualify That happens. This one I took is for 71 pesos. But I did not qualified. They gave me a shorter survey. I’ll just fast forward it.

Once you finish a survey, you might see this page. We were redirected to a new survey because we did not qualify to the 70 pesos one So the other survey that Mobrog gave us is shorter and smaller pay. This survey I took last Aug 21 — 21/8 Here it’s 08/21 I got 39 pesos from that survey. The number of surveys vary. If no one sends survey, then we’ll not receive any. Once you reach the minimum payout of 250 pesos, click on “Redeem Rewards” They pay via PayPal and Skrill. If you haven’t watched yet, click our PayPal video step-by-step. PayPal is the easiest. That’s PayPal to Gcash. This is pre-recorded We have 272 pesos. Click PayPal then checkout. You must have the same email address in PayPal as your profile in Mobrog. The email you used for Mobrog should be the same with your PayPal. To be safe, what you use in PayPal use that email to register in Mobrog. Next, PayPal 250 pesos. Confirm order. If you redeem, and you have 300 pesos, you can’t get the whole 300 pesos you can only get 250 pesos.

The 50 pesos will be left on your account. You have to take more surveys to reach 250 pesos and withdraw again. Just register first, then wait for them to send surveys to your email. Better if you register in more survey sites Survey sites doesn’t always have surveys available So you will have more available surveys That’s it for this video It’s an extra income online It’s legit and paying. Make sure to click the Like button if you liked the video and it helped you. Thank you for watching. See you next time..

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