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Earn $10 Every 20 Minutes Online (Fast & Easy PayPal Money)

Hey what is up guys in this quick and short video, I’m going to show you exactly how you can earn ten dollars every 20 minutes online. Alright! So listen fast and easy PayPal, money, okay, so listen closely and I’m going to show you step-by-step how you can earn ten dollars every 20 minutes online right now: okay, let’s get started, but before we get started. If you are interested in making money online, that’s right. Leave your laptop or if your computer, anywhere in the world at home, if you want to – and I want to invite you to subscribe to my channel – because because I have a lot of videos that will help you make money online, alright, they will help you in Your journey towards building your online business – okay, maybe you want to quit your job, maybe on the escape your 9 to 5 grind, maybe on the fire, your boss – or maybe you like a job. Maybe you just want to increase your income, alright, scroll down! Click on the red subscribe button subscribe now and click on the bell, so that when I upload new videos, I cannotify you alright. This is the website. Okay, let’s dive straight into it. This is called beta testing calm and when you reach her, you can click on join as beta tester in the top right corner. But wait wait, don’t click don’t go there yet? Okay, I’m gon na. Take you through I’m, going to introduce you and I’m going to show you step by step. Alright, so listen pay close attention. If you actually want to find out how you can earn 10 dollars through PayPal, okay and you’ll get paid pretty fast, so listen closely. So this is basically a website where people can actually test. Okay, the average consumer all right. So look early adopters join the beta testing beta tester community, so you will get paid hey, which is why you’re here, which is why you’re watching this video you are here to make money and you’re going to get paid by giving your valuable feedback for new apps? That’S right: we cannot only make money with your phone. Hey I mean you can make money of your phone right, apps or websites. Okay, that means using your laptop your computer and products. Okay, so you sign up you put in your email address and you can sign up. Okay, that’s basically it so now, let’s go through how it works. We are gon na join 100,000, plus early adopters, bla bla bla step one. You test new apps websites and hardware step two, you complete the task and you give your feedback. Okay, simple, step. Three you are going to earn $ 10.00 per test or more okay. If you check out the FAQ you’ll realize that it could be between 10 or even 15 US dollars. Okay, so look here’s some proof, okay of the legitimacy of beta testing. So look we can beta test new, exciting products from companies like Xerox type form alright. So I’m pretty sure you recognize these companies, the New York Times musically clef group, ember light now, let’s go through some frequently asked questions so that you do not have to okay. Let’S save you some time. Let me go through this so who is eligible to participate? So you must be at least 18 years old, all right, hey, then you must be able to speak and write fluently in English. But of course, if you are watching this video to this point, and obviously you understand English – then you must own a PC or a Mac or any devices required for the specific task. So it’s an ad now, of course, you would usually need a phone right. How much money can you make now? Listen beta testing is a fun way. Hey. Let me zoom in so beta testing is a fun way for you to make a few dollars on a site and help impact product development for exciting new products. Okay, so you are going to get paid to give feedback for new products. Sounds fair, isn’t it, but this isn’t meant to actually replace a job hey. So, of course, you are still going to earn $ 10.00 per 20 minutes. Okay, that isn’t going to change. You are still going to make people money but pay close attention. The number of tests you receive depends on how many clients matched your interest and your demographic, okay, so, and also this depends on the quality of your feedback history right. If they give you a few tests and you’re like you, didn’t do very well, if you didn’t give your 100 % into giving your opinion and we just write some half a foot, if you didn’t put in your full effort, when you actually give your feedback, then Guess what the product, the website they are going to give you a better rating and guess what will happen next? You will receive as many feedbacks in the future all right. So listen! This isn’t some kind of get rich, quick scheme. You may receive anywhere from zero to five opportunities each month, okay, so this is still a great way for you to earn some site in comfort to increase your income, and you can do this any time. Okay, all right! You don’t have to quit your job. To do this, you can do this over the weekends. You can do this over the night, okay in the evening when you’re back home from work or even if you are still a student, okay, externally start eighteen years old and above you can use this method. Alright. So, what’s our excuse, are you going to leave a comments and just back for someone else to tell you that this works all right? How about use your initiative going? Google, it going google going google and find out look are going check out kora check out ready ain’t going google and find out if anyone meet money on the internet, all right find out whether people have been paid or testing websites. Do your work going? Google? Okay? Don’T leave comments and asking people to spoof it you that the world does about this way all right. You can’t leave a comment, and just back for someone to tell you that look, this works. Okay. That is never going to happen if you, if you want to take action, take action and go ahead, make their money. Otherwise, then don’t even try. Okay, because look! You have to actually take action. Alright, if you are just watching youtube videos after youtube videos, you can watch them for three months. You can watch youtube videos for six months. I guarantee you, you won’t make any money because you don’t take action. You are just jumping from youtube videos to youtube videos and you’re. Just commenting saying things like now, this work. Look, you didn’t even take any action of cost. You never work. You have to take action, alright, sitting around watching youtube. Videos will never change your life. Alright, you have to take action and look all these videos are free. So if you are not going to implement if you’re not going to put in any effort on your end, of course, nothing is going to happen. Hey you can watch 20 other youtube channels. You can watch 100 youtube videos, you can as many YouTube videos as you want. Nothing is going to change alright now. Look if you are not sure whether this strategy is suitable for you, if you are having any doubts, if your, if you are cynical okay, if you have any questions going, googly checked out, ready, check out, Korra check out YouTube and you’ll find plenty of information. Don’T be lazy and write, some very simple comments and very very low-level type of comments asking people to spoon-feed you that will never happen all right, so listen moving on to how payments are made. Payments are made via PayPal, seven days after the end of a project. So that is fair. Is it look? They want to make sure that the quality of your feedback is there before they pay you. So some of this is extremely reasonable. You can see if you think about it. If you work in a copper drop nine to five jobs, they are not going to pay you every seven days. They will basically pay you once every month, then you pay you once every thirty days. Isn’T it so this is actually kind of fair. If you really think about it, so you will get paid via PayPal every seven days after the end of the project, so make sure you actually put in the effort when it comes to testing kay, give your honest and valuable feedback, and and that’s basically it okay. So this will allow the product owners each time to review rates and a proof of feedback all right. So that’s, basically all there is to it. This website is called beta testing com go into it, check it out, click on the top right corner. You can join as a beta tester and again, if you are very cynical, if you have any doubts and if you are very skeptical, then you have to take the initiative. You have to learn to become a learning machine. Okay, you have to learn how to use Google and go to youtube, and you do research on your own. All right got to go one step further. If you are just like everyone else, just putting very low level comments, you won’t go very far. Alright, because YouTube can only take you that far alright, you can’t just keep watching YouTube videos. You have to take action Hey, so even if there’s twenty thousand strategies right now in your face – and there are there – are so many strategies out there. But if you are not going to actually try, if you don’t even take action, if you don’t have any skin in the game again, nothing will ever change. Alright, then that’s, basically it all right. So look this method is awesome. If you wan na get a taste making money online, if you want to make some extra money on the line, this is a great method. If you are interested in more strategies, you can check out my youtube videos. Okay, check out other videos. I have videos about drop shipping new Shopify. He can dropship up to six figures and above plenty of people, are doing it and there are so many other ways to make money online so go and do your own research and YouTube is free. Okay. So what is stopping you from making money online now?

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