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How is everyone? Today we are talking about speed It is a very important part of sports As a professional player, we exercise every week These five core parts Will help you. So, remember to stick to it seriously. The only way to increase your speed is Faster than others at all times! Correct! You have no manners, sir! right! Ok! You are not ready! plyometrics, essentially jump training These exercises will make your muscles stronger in a short period of time Maximize it Achieve the goal of increasing strength, speed and explosive power We will try our best to make these things It becomes simple.

So, you see in the first jump training example When he hits the ground, he is really pushing away. You can also do these movements on one leg Attention, when I jump on one foot I’m still twitching my arms. When it comes to the end I went back to the border, took a few steps, then sprinted and jumped to the other side to jump with both feet or Long jumps are not only beneficial to increase your speed, in fact they can affect Your vertical jump, it is The other side of exercise can be improved by anyone, starting with two legs Just a little more than the arm part, bend, and look forward as much as possible Ready, do it again Ready, do it again These are a lot of players Neglected exercises because they It doesn’t seem important, or it’s too simple, but these repetitive tasks will make you To be more powerful and explosive in the sprint, you must exercise your Burst action, if you want If it becomes faster.

So we One of the most strenuous movements. The goal is to jump at speed with good vertical The balance between. Next You touch the ground and burst out again This is a good way to exercise your feet on the ground to really push them away Standing on the wall with both legs pushed up from one leg to 90 degrees Push the leg you are standing on forward and upward. Once you have a good rhythm You can increase speed immediately, and Try harder every time. The next one is Our box jumps. Remember that the outbreak is our hardest part And it is the beginning because we need Vitality, so push yourself Alternate feet, put your feet on a box or a small window sill And do the ascent and extension. You have to land on the other foot and then Push up directly from there. This is to create more in your running power.

It will It is a classic of our explosive movement and leg strength. So they It cannot be ignored. You may remember how we corrected it earlier Of these, by joining to reverse it, of course Then turn to the other side and you will start to feel these So do your best to complete all actions in proper form. A lot of people Do this kind of pre-run because they just don’t want to spend time on the straps This is too bad because you learned from these exercises The benefit is worth it and it takes two seconds to get As a professional player you do this exercise at least twice a week There are many ways to use straps but for what we want today This exercise is perfect. What we do is imitate a sprint The strap that hooks your ankle behind you lift it up as if you were running Move your arms too, try to keep it smooth.

This way of strapping is even simpler. Just tie it to your ankle, basically to do the same thing Push your leg up, you can alternate legs and repeat the same movement on the other side The key is to gain resistance in the sprinting action which will make you faster This action will strengthen and stabilize your legs We do these without weight, which is very good for today. We will go to the gym soon, you must be worried about everything But we will put one foot on the bench, or put the foot down Minimize the swing and don’t let the front knee be in front of the ankle If you have ever done these You know how much they help your legs then you can do it Not having to grab anything is great! But at first grab something lightly It’s not a problem to keep your balance as low as possible while standing firm Try to straighten your front legs. If you’re not ready, just try to stay low and stand firm A little bit more obviously, You are not trying to prove your overall acceleration And speed, unless you push yourself so in order to end everything, we have a series Sprint, increased a distance, and completed a small shuttle run Football requires a lot of change of direction so you have to make sure You can do it too, we did some quick sprints The point is to reach your maximum speed.

We start from ten yards, twenty yards, and forty yards. When we reach our shuttle, we slow down every time Mark every 5 yards. These trainings will bring you more benefits If you can finish them If you can’t do it, take a break and do what you should do Remember to develop the habit of doing something every day. This will make you Become a better player Likes and comments are welcome. A better approach is to subscribe to our channel.

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